What is Neurofeedback?

Think of your brain as a race car, capable of incredible performance.  Now imagine a driver behind the wheel who does not know how to properly shift gears.  It is for this reason that people find their brain encumbered by problems.  Brain wave training teaches the brain to work at its fullest capacity, to switch gears as needed to improve its self-regulation of thoughts, feelings and focus. -BrainPaint

At The Neurofeedback Center, we believe that neurofeedback creates part of the foundation necessary to heal and recover. This scientifically proven, non-invasive, FDA approved treatment modality helps stabilize clients’ brainwaves, which reduces the fight-or-flight reaction that often triggers a relapse into old behaviors.

Neurofeedback is a proven brain re-training method that facilitates stress reduction while boosting the brain’s ability to learn and integrate new information. It does this by “educating” the brain to be more adaptive and flexible. Clients experience the effects of neurofeedback directly in treatment and throughout every aspect of their lives. Their stress level is reduced significantly; therefore, typical life stressors become manageable.

BrainPaint is a neurofeedback workout for your brain with lasting cumulative results.

How it Works: 

Also known as EEG Biofeedback, Neurofeedback utilizes the human biological mechanisms of self-regulation and homeostasis. Neurofeedback helps change the “reactive” brain into a better-muscled “interactive” brain—a calmer, less reactive state that will serve the client through all stressful situations in life.

Brainwaves assist in conveying information affecting our emotions, physical movement, concentration, and creative expression. When our brainwaves are not working properly, we experience that in a multitude of ways, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, and so on.

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