The Neurofeedback Center is an invaluable community resource. As a therapist. I am always looking for resources for my clients struggling with anxiety and depression. My clients have greatly benefited from Neurofeedback and I highly recommend the services of the Neurofeedback Center. Their team is friendly, knowledgable, and professional-Kelley

Among the many non-evasive, life transforming substance abuse, mental health, trauma and chronic pain treatment interventions the Neurofeedback clinic is arguably the most current, state of the art approach available. This modality is certainly not a magic bullet;however, with willingness and open mindedness, the possibilities are endless and the results overwhelming. Call today! Definitely, one of the best decisions you'll ever make! -Jason

Neurofeedback has changed my life and the way respond to challenges. I am passionate when I say that it is an extremely effective method of treatment for many issues! -Amy

Neurofeedback helped with my concentration, anxiety, sleep, and so many other issues! -Courtney

Neuro has helped me with nightmares, over all quality of sleep, anxiety and depression! -Lauren


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